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Sandy Springs Secure Locksmith: Keyless Entry System Benefits

How much do you know about keyless entry systems? You likely have seen them in movies. Some systems are far more advanced than others, but regardless, this type of system is becoming more and more popular in commercial properties and residential properties. If you’ve recently been in an office building, hospital or even someone’s home, you might have noticed that they use keyless entry. You can find keyless entry with vehicles, too. This is a great convenience for so many people.

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

So now you are probably wondering: why is keyless entry becoming so popular? It might seem easy to just have a key, but what happens if you have numerous people who enter your property regularly, and they don’t all have keys? If this happens, then you will need to go and get copies of your key made. This would just be frustrating to have to do. Or, what if you lose your key? You will be locked out. of your property. For reasons like this, it is becoming more popular to just use keyless entry systems. When you lose a key, it becomes a security threat. People who use keyless entry realize that this is a benefit - they won’t have to worry about misplacing a key or having it end up in the wrong hands.

With keyless entry, you will typically need to be able to remember a short code – a short series of numbers. Other times, you can use a fingerprint – have you been to Disney World in Florida, lately? What about Universal Studios in California or Florida? You will notice that you are able to scan a card and use a fingerprint to gain park entry. This is becoming more and more popular, too. Garages often times use keyless entry, too. Now, you see how many different types of keyless entry systems exist.

Here, you will see that we have carefully outlined the most popular types of keyless entry systems. And yes, a locksmith should be able to help you with any of these…

Electronic keypad locks 

These are often found in commercial properties. You will use a unique combination to gain entry. You might even have different codes for different individuals. If you have a safe, it might have an electronic keypad lock.

Card access systems

Key card access is now used in a variety of places, especially vacation spots. Let’s say you are staying in a hotel room somewhere. You will very likely have to use a key card to get into your room. When you check out, the key card will be shut off. This prevents unwanted persons from being able to access your items. Often times, card access systems will keep track of who is coming and going. It’s easy to restrict access to people you trust with this form of keyless entry.

Keypad lever combo

These go hand in hand with electronic keypad locks. With a lever combo, access to a property is granted.

Intercom systems

You will see intercom systems in various places, to include commercial properties and even apartments. If you live in an upscale apartment building in Washington, D.C. or NYC, you might have an intercom system for guests to use when they visit you. It provides better security. Some people even have intercom systems inside of their homes, which allows for easy communication with everyone inside!

Manual keypad locks 

Manual keypad locks are quite easy to use. You never have to worry about swapping out dead batteries, and you don’t have to deal with electronics which you might not understand very well. Deadbolt keypads are an option, as are knob and deadbolt combinations.

Clearly there are plenty of choices when it comes to keyless entry, and it might be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Some factors to consider will entail what sort of property you are looking to have the system installed in – if you have a large scale business property, then you will want to go with something that is beneficial to having a high amount of people come and go. If you’re just looking for keyless entry for your home, then something simple should work.

Take advantage of keyless entry today!

Proper security is a very important no matter who you are. Whether you own a huge company or just want to protect your home, you can’t have your belongings be safe enough. You want security that you can count on to be reliable. You need a locksmith that will help you by offering numerous options as well as competitive rates. You need Sandy Springs Secure Locksmith which is based in beautiful Sandy Springs, Georgia. We love this area, and know that as Georgia’s sixth biggest city (just North of Atlanta), there are plenty of properties that need protection. Tourism is big here, after all. However, if you aren’t located in this area, you are sure to be able to find a locksmith that serves your location.

Give us a call if you are in the area and would like a free consultation - we have team members that can take the time to go over the benefits of a keyless entry system for your home or even for your commercial property. Of course, you can count on us to be licensed and insured to do our job. You should check to make sure that any lock and security provider you hire has the appropriate certification.

Do your research to discover an affordable, reliable and professional locksmith in your area. When you are going to go with a new system like keyless entry, you want to make sure you have all of the information that you need. We hope that you have learned a great deal from this entry – but if you still have questions, it is best to talk with an expert. Now that you have a better understanding of how keyless entry systems work, consider having one installed at your property. You are sure to be satisfied with everything that it offers in terms of benefits and convenience.